Thursday 5 July 2012

The Fabulous Blog Ribbon

I just received an award from a fellow blogger- Joan at Thank-you. I am duly honoured.

This award has rules I need to post and follow.  Rules to the Fabulous Blog Award:

1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.
3. Name 5 things that you love.
4. Name 5 things you hate.
5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.

This list is quite "sappy", so quickly skim read if you have a low tolerance for sappy. I apologize but this is an uncensored, spontaneous list.

1.When I was 10, I was struck by a sense of "I", that my spirit was in this body, viewing the world through my eyes and that nobody else saw, felt or touched the world from my viewpoint. The image of myself as a little girl, laying on the grass and staring up at the huge sky above her has never left .

2. The birth of my children was miraculous. It is true - the moment you hold your new baby, all pain and suffering is forgotten in a wave of sheer joy and unconditional love and devotion.

3. One night when I had barely turned 17, I felt like a fool talking to the wall and asking God to take over my life and the next morning I was bursting with an inexplicable joy, a sense of awe and an unshakable conviction that the Spirit was in residence within my heart.

4. Two years ago, we bought our first house. A beautiful 1886 home on 7 acres with trees, gardens and a creek. The feeling of being rooted to the land, of permanence is surprising and comforting

5. The day I married my soul-mate was the most fabulous moment of my life because it was the beginning   of  a whole new way of living. It was a step into the unknown.

Name 5 things that you love.

This list will seem like a repeat of a recent post but in my defence I must say, "Really, did you expect the loves of my life to change in a week. I am not THAT fickle."

1. Strong tea and red wine.

2. Cilantro by the cup full on anything and in anything.

3. Play dough, crayons, dollhouses- Our dog ripped the roof off of a hand-made, three story beautiful, Victorian doll house. I have a lot of furniture and I am waiting patiently for another doll house to decorate.

4.Gardening, flowers and renovating our 1886 home. I am stripping off rug, foam, glue, 8 layers of paint and varnish with a toothbrush .

5. My kids, my husband, animals, God (especially the Holy Spirit- I like smuggling Him into the world, hidden within me.)

Name 5 things you hate.

1. I Love seafood but I HATE anything with tentacles that people have the audacity to call food. Also dried squid with the little black eyes staring at me. However this is superior brain food and I am doing my best to swallow them. Chewing is extremely objectionable.

2. There are disagreeable people, wounded, mentally ill, angry and ignorant people who all garner my sympathy even though they are hard to take. However 1% of human beings are evil and I hate evil.

3. Bullies of all ages, especially those with too much power and/or money.

4. Uncomfortable clothes or any attire that makes me feel self-concious. This obviously needs no explanation.

5.Most machines. I won't even TRY to justify this one.

Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.


  1. Your list, Melanie, is simply AWESOME! And I don't even know how to properly say Thank You for thinking to give me an award. THANK YOU!!

    Just so you know. the fact that I came to read this today, a day that my spirit is feeling way, WAY down, is a testament that God does indeed work in mysterious way. I just needed to read your list, your testimony of the love you have for the Holy Spirit, to find myself deeply crying out to Him for uplifting. THANK YOU!!!

    Now to work on my list... :)

    Love, hugs, and God's awesome blessings to you,

  2. YOU are uplifted all ready
    love and prayers
    your blogging friend

  3. You are one lucky woman to marry your soul-mate and have nine beautiful children. I love your close connection with GOD.

    Thank you Melanie, now I am going to work on my list :-)

  4. I AM very lucky. All is not roses though, slowly I will reveal the suffering as well- but I can always laugh when it gets ridiculously terrible! It helps!

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