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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Easy Crochet Doll Furniture

After I saw patterns which used pieces of cardboard or plastic  sheets with grids to make doll appliances, I thought of covering lego blocks with crochet. Then I added crocheted doors, countertops, handles, and buttons. The result was surprising and very appealing. I just wing it without a pattern;  cover stacked lego in continuous rounds and then make doors and counter tops separately and sew them on.

This bed and dresser also have a lego base.
 I covered a plastic oval and container to make the table; the chair was scratched so I crocheted a sort of slip cover to match the table.
I found a free pattern for the chair and cradle.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Unplug Kids From Technology with Crocheted Toys

I have been having fun crocheting toys for my grandkids. Crocheting is a cheap, eco-friendly way to bless kids and to encourage simple, back to basics play.  It is easy to unplug kids from technology with toys that attract and entice such as play mats, toys and loveable stuffies for old-fashioned play.
There are countless patterns for crocheted toys. Play mats were fun to make, especially knowing they will provide hours imaginative playtime. The first is a farm play mat. I added the woodland animal appliques and decided to use wooden or plastic farm animals with the mat.

This undersea play mat just needs to be made larger with a plain blue area for crocheted sea creatures.Again. I added the appliques from too many patterns to mention but there are countless patterns on Pinterest or on Goggle.
A hand puppet and finger puppets.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Plugging Into An Ancient Craft

Although I have crocheted for the last decade, creating at least  a dozen queen sized bedspreads or afghans, wedding shawls, headbands, towels and hats, I have just started crocheting baby clothes. The images on pinterest of women crocheting or sewing are fascinating. It feels like I am plugging into an ancient craft, finding myself connected to generations of women and girls who have worked with their hands. It is delightful creating something out of nothing, clothes out of nothing more than balls of yarn using just a steel hook.

Inspiring designs.  For Easter, I am going to try my hand at lacy scarves and summer shawls for my six daughters and 2 daughters-in-lawspired by creative designs